Wednesday, March 30

Mega Super

I consider my main achievement on this trip to be the fact that I haven’t yet been arrested. This is despite several excellent opportunites;

Firstly there is my inability to understand the one-way system in the big town that I have to go to for batteries, timber, tools and the Mega Super.

This place clearly doesn’t expect to be visited by out-of-towners so the direction for driving is not posted on many of the roads. Having caused a massive klaxonage at every turn on my initial foray I now simply follow any moving vehicle and hope it will eventually pass a shop that has things I need.

Yesterday there was quite a big argument about whether the police should be called to arrest me in the small town that I go to for fuel. The petrol station has a Manboss and several women who run the place. I filled up with fuel before realising that my bag was empty of wallet. Seeing no child to hold as hostage while I made my escape, all I could do was offer a promise to return with money very quickly.

The Manboss wanted to call the police and the women spent about an hour trying to convince him otherwise, everyone got very heated and it nearly turned into a fight. Only when I chipped in (in my best Spanish) with assurances of my honesty and an offer to leave my Yves St Laurent sunglasses as security, did the arguing group stop and regard me with puzzlement.

Then one of the women said

See ... she barely speaks

and I was allowed to go haha


  1. I've had the same problem when in Boston or New York. Apparently West Coast accents are confusing or amusing.

  2. Well, at least you didn't(albeit inadvertently) insult a policeman, which is what I did once,in my terrible Italian.

  3. ¡Ay, caramba! Please be careful, they may have a megasuper jail!

  4. All those ugly chairs you had in the back made you an object of suspicion.

    Oh Hai XL!

  5. MegaSuper is a great superlative

  6. Stop takes the Fuerza Publica about three hours to get to the scene of the crime....where they will take statements and leave it at that.

    Relax, leave everywhere without paying without fear of the legal might be more worried by the proprietor armed with a machete, though...

  7. Bill - I always let people with funny accents off with a caution - the entertainment value kind of pays for the stealing.

    Mme idlethoughts - maybe I insulted the Manboss - I'll never know

    xl - trying to be careful - there are too many ways to come to grief though!

    MJ - they confiscated my ugly chairs

    Nursey - I am planning to drop that one into future conversationals

    Mme Fly - I feel very lucky not to have had to run that gauntlet - yet!

  8. I wish you'd write whole books so I could curl up and read for days & days.

    But that would just be escapism, and I guess it's my responsibility to entertain myself.


  9. Cheer up...the rainy season is due one month in advance...

  10. Thank you anonymous :)

    Mme Fly - you increase my panic - we are aware of impending rain and this is a film about the dry season. The leaves are already starting to bud on the wretched trees :(((

  11. Life in the fast lane with Lulu Labonne!

  12. I now simply follow any moving vehicle and hope it will eventually pass a shop that has things I need.

    I do this all the time... and I'm only after a pint of milk and a newspaper.

  13. why has my interest in going to C.R. diminished?
    must be the chairs...


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