Sunday, March 6

Belize Bars

That's Jet, he's four foot two, with a face like a chewed toffee. There he is behind his bar in Belize International airport, his bar is called 'Jets'. Jet works hard at being a 'character', toy planes hang off the ceiling and Jet's name appears many times around the place writ in neon and biro. The food option at 'Jets' is a cheese and ham sandwich for which you will pay dearly, there are no prices written up so you won't realise how expensive it is until he has given you a pack of chewing gum as change for the twenty dollar bill you just gave him.

Feeling pissed off and hungry you might then go round the corner and find something called 'Petit Café' where you will be served nice food by jolly women with great hair and clean t shirts who don't try and feel your tits.


  1. If, hopefully, this story goes viral, Jet won't be jetting too much longer. Never did like getting chewing gum as change.

  2. The Jets of the world always seem to get the airport concessions...

  3. I see a Canadian flag on his trophy wall. Perhaps he's trying to land the bar concession at Infomaniac?

  4. Scots blood tells..nomatter how jetlagged, how tired, how completely out of it I always ask the price...and then recover from all of the above by exploding with fury.

    Mark you, have starved and gone thirsty frequently thanks to this instinctive reaction...usually in France.

  5. Hmm, I was thinking that Jet was a very shrewd albeit slightly unethical businessman, until it came to the "feeling your tits" part. You might have realized that this was not the establishment to patronise when you first saw that there was no apostrophe in "Jets".

  6. nothing more i hate than being ripped off by a character.

    SO frustrating...

  7. I wondered why Jet had named himself after a Gladiator.

  8. how did he reach your tits with such shirt arms?

  9. You don't like being fondled by a midget? Lulu, I don't even know you anymore!

  10. Bill - chewing gum as change never works in my neighborhood.

    Idlethoughts - at least in this case so did the Nice Hair Girls

    xl - I did wonderif he might be an errant House Boy

    Mme Fly - Scots blood ... or just a bit more savvy than me?

    Synchy - quite!

    Gadjo Dilo - Starvation and thirst can make me overlook grammatical errors - I shall be more vigilant in future

    Screamish - So true!

    Scarlet - I think someone told him it was English for Big Cock

    Nursey - his shirt arms had extensions

    MJ - he served a nasty sort of orange jiuce that he claimed to be the best rum punch in the world

    Wow, - such a lot to discover ...

  11. Was his face like that because people chewed it after being ripped off and fondled, I wonder.

    If I ever find myself in Belize International I'll remember to look for the ladies with nice hair.

  12. Airports the same in America. Two beers $27.00 - lol

  13. Eryl - Always look for the ladies with nice hair.

    Alphawoman - so it's a spreading habit then?

  14. Nobody ever tries to furtively fondle me. Life can be so disappointing.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  15. You should tell Jets about the hockey team we used to have in Winnipeg ... it was called the Jets! But they got sold when they refused to end every game by showing the crowd their tits.

  16. Boonie - I bet Mrs B fondles you

    Mr Red - So does every Canadian hockey team have to show their tits at the end of the game then?

  17. I love this. I met Jet in Chicago in the airport of all places selling t-shirts for $40 a pop and handing out used ear plugs as change.

  18. So funny! I know there's a hamburger joint like that called Zeke's around these parts. You order the hamburger, then you discover there ain't no ketchup to go with it!

    When you complain, Zeke explains... "Does the sign anywhere say 'Ketchup included?'.

    Priceless humor.



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