Saturday, March 26

Rocky And Stumpy

This is Rocky he likes macramé and oil painting

He also likes hangin' out with his pal Stumpy


  1. That's terrific that Rocky has hobbies and a friend! I'm sure there is great temptation in the tropic heat to be a couch potato!

  2. This series deserves to "go viral." Maybe a zine?

  3. you know, with a little poshing up, those 2 could be big sellers for the boho set, sugar! ;~D xoxoxoxox

  4. I'll have a set of six of the 'Rocky', and a pair of the 'Stumpy'. Do you have tables to match? :¬)


  5. Have you thought about setting up a separate Chair Wrecks blog?

  6. Tell Mapstew I can order these from a guy further up the valley....

  7. xl - not yet seen a couch - but looking forward to that seating experience

    Mme idlethoughts - I like the idea of distributing a virus

    Savannah - it looks as though I've already found an agent in Mme Fly

    Mapstew - all enquiries to Mme Fly - she's the entrepreneur around here.

    Scarlet - given the burdgeoning of my chair obsession as a way to divert the disasters of life, this theme may continue and a new blog might be a very good idea.

    Nursemyra - he looks more reliable certainly

    Mme Fly - You could become a Costa Rican Chair Agent - furnishing solutions for the brave!

  8. I love Rocky and Stumpy and think you should consider writing a book about their adventures. A kind of Costa Rican Huck Finn, perhaps.

  9. Ooh! Stumpy's very handsome. I'd like to add him to my chair collection.
    If I had a big house I would have many, many chairs; no two alike, and Stumpy could come and live there in the garden.

  10. Eryl - trouble is Rocky and Stumpy pretty much stay home and chew tobacco together.

    Synchy - Take Stumpy - Rocky comes too.

    Scribe - there's more!


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