Tuesday, March 22

How Was Your Last Seven Days?

The photo is an illustration of we sustain ourselves here, the food in containers is prepared in the park canteen – here we have a rice-based dish, potato and beetroot salad and black bean puree, you may also note our reliance on Tabasco, coffee and beer.

The days after the longest Monday went something like this:

Next Day – nothing worked, I spent a lot of money buying car batteries and got shouted at by the man running the battery shop because I didn’t want to buy his winch.

it is really hot here

Day After – some things worked a bit, but we didn’t have enough power - I had to go back and buy more batteries. The chairs refused to behave

More Camera People arrived hoping to use the cameras

Day After That
- I bought wood to make a table and found some better behaved chairs.

The things that worked yesterday no longer worked.

it is really really hot here

Next Day – our main filming system relies on a pair of cables stretched over the forest, the cameras are all worked remotely. We finally got the cameras working and tried to launch them but the electronic systems interfered with each other and turned our cameras into Crazy Robots from Hell

I am asked to order more stuff to be sent over from the UK

Day After That – some people fell out with each other

it is really really really hot here

Day After That – one of the cables collapsed

Day After That
– the other cable collapsed

it is still bloody hot


  1. Well, here's hoping the beer is either cold or slightly cold (but not hot).

  2. How is the BON BON BUM?

  3. captain chaos wants to work for you, sugar! xoxox

    (we aren't going to talk about my last 7 days.)

  4. Ah, so it's very hot there. That might explain the mood of the local chairs.

  5. I do enjoy seeing an authentic picture or drawing by the blogger on a blog post. Well done. Another nice despatch.

  6. How many bites do you have by now? How many chairs? How many more arguments?

    Sod the lot of them, Lulu - you just crack open a cold lager, put your feet up and say you're having a break.

  7. I thought it was a tub of licorice ice cream and a bowl of berry ice cream

  8. I think in your place I'd mess off for a weekend in Nicaragua.....at the other end of it up in the hills...

  9. I've been fine over the last 7 days... other than the recurring nightmare about the zombie chairs from hell with loose stuffing and low morals... otherwise... fine.

  10. Bill - beer is cold - that is our blessing!

    xl - the BON BON BUM are not as tasty as they look

    Sav - is it the luxury lifestyle that tempts captain chaos? xxxxoo

    Synchy - everything falls apart in the heat!

    Glad you like it Marky!

  11. Frenchie - I've lost count of the bites ... and the wrecked chairs, I took your advice about a break and got stung by jellies!

    Nursey - both those things would erase all the bad things.

    Mme Fly - soooo tempting

    Scarlet - I'd been hoping you were coming as part of the rescue effort.

  12. Yes, but are we having fun yet?


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