Friday, March 11

Getting Home

Those are my bags at 9.45am last Thursday. They are waiting for someone to arrive and put them in a taxi. Fifteen minutes earlier, my bags and I had been delivered there by a man in a tiny boat, the man in the boat assured me that a taxi had been booked, it would be there shortly to take me to the airport to catch my 10.20 flight to Belize International.

Just after I took that picture that guy who is also in the picture said

You need a car?

and I said

I have taxi booked, I should give it a little more time

at 10.00 I asked him how long it would take him to find me a car

couple of minutes

He ran off to a nearby house and returned with his friend in a beat-up car and we set off for the airport.

They drove right into the airport and checked my bags in for me - the following picture is the view from the taxi.


  1. Jeeze! This guy could make a million at JFK. Or Incheon. Or Brisbane...
    Glad you made it home safely and with bags.

  2. one day, we're going to a glass or 20 and share airport/travel stories, sugar! xoxoxoxox

  3. Adventure at the far end of the transportation system!

  4. Nice guys...amazing how often their search for a bit of work gets one out of the mess that organisers have made...

  5. And they didn't even try to feel your tits! Excellent.

  6. what a wonderful little tale

  7. Moreidlethoughts - I agree - thank you!

    Sav - Yes Please! xoxoxoxox

    xl - the far end of the transportation system can be a bit shaky but still more pleasant than the big airports by light years

    Mme Fly - I love it when things work out that way.

    Louciao- And they didn't even try to feel your tits! - quite a result!

    Nursey - Thank you!

  8. Lovely account and very atmoospheric photos.
    I rarely book taxis here. It's a complete waste of time. It's better to do as you did - throw the fare money at someone who wants to take it.

    All the best, Boonie

  9. One of things I love about the experience of travel. Making the...*ahem*...alternative arrangements.

  10. Sometimes the bet adventures are those born of necessity!

  11. What? They couldn't drive you right up to the plane door? Lazy!

  12. Boonie - thank you

    Dolce and Alphawoman - True - but those alternative moment can get a bit too close for comfort at times

    Red - I agree, at the time I said 'can you get no closer?'
    he claimed the pillars were in the way - Tuh - lightweight!


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