Thursday, March 17

Evil Chair

This is Evil Chair - Evil Chair sits around looking inviting, just waiting for someone to sit on him, then just as his victim has got settled with a beer, Evil buckles his legs and throws him backwards.

Evil Chair is allowed to hang around because Good Furniture is difficult to find and there are too few Good Chairs to stand up to this bully.

Here is Evil Chair with his brother - they find Evil's antics so funny that Evil Twin has laughed his head off.

This is the Soggy Bottom Gang, anyone sitting on one of them gets sucked through the sponge at the back of the chair. The Soggy Bottom Gang don't want to kill anyone, they just want to be left to get on with getting drunk and falling over.


  1. Evil Chair! Ha ha ha! I love this!

  2. Tsk tsk... I wonder how many have fallen victims to Evil Chair. =)


  3. Evil Chair lurking in the jungle reminds me of the Kurtz character in Heart Of Darkness.

  4. i love the way someone has actually taken the time to write "evil chair" on evil chair....

  5. Why do evil chairs happen to good people? If you've noticed, it's the worst people who can always be found sitting on good chairs and mocking the rest of us. (Or was that a dream I had?)

  6. Just as there is no excuse for unattractive footwear, there is no excuse for ugly and evil chairs.

  7. I knew Syncy would love this post - she's a chair fiend!

  8. Evil Chair can kiss my ass -- I hear that first creak and I'm outta there. But I'll always have a soft spot for the Soggy Bottom Gang.

  9. Synchy and Nursey - Are there Evil Chairs in Oz?

    Kane I wonder how many have fallen victims to Evil Chair
    untold thousands ... millions even

    xl - the Kurtz character in Heart Of Darkness was inspired by Evil Chair

    Screamish - I think it' one of those prison tattoos

    Gadjo Dilo - Evil chairs are in league with the Bad People - they want to rule the earth

    MJ - please join my new political party it will be called the 'Ban Ugly Shoes and Chairs Party'

    Red - I bet you have the instincts of a whippet

  10. Are there evil chairs in Oz? Definitely. Burt Syncy will protect me.

  11. Good grief, where did you find these abberations? Are they DFS rejects?

  12. Nursey - please send Synchy over to protect us

    Scarlet - these are the sort of ruffians who survive in the outback - aberrations, certainly but tough aberrations.

  13. I think I may be related to the Soggy Bottom Gang. I'm their long-lost cousin "Saggy Bottom." Send them my love!

    Oh, and that Evil Chair is such an asshole.


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