Sunday, March 20

International Chair Ambulance Arrives

A Flying Squad of chair medics arrived on the scene last night. After examining the wounded, a specialist chair doctor carried out major field surgery.

Those that survived were supplemented with specimens from the finest furniture store available. We sincerely hope that the influx of foreigners will integrate with the native chairs and co-exist peacefully for at least six weeks.


  1. What happened to evil chair??


  2. Duct there anything it CAN'T do?

  3. I really like La Casa Del Plástico!

  4. The chair on the right in the second picture looks like it's been designed to fit our decor

  5. I've been away for a few days (nowhere as exotic as your whereabouts)so nearly fell off my chair when checking your blog this morning. It's reassuring to see that your obsession with chairs is still intact. Too bad you couldn't have packed a few from your own collection to bring along. Surely rounding up the number of cases from 28 to 30 wouldn't have been excessive?

  6. La casa del plastico? Haha. You couldn't have made that one up.

  7. Kane & Synchy - Chair Hell

    MJ - Duct tape doesn't make great shoes

    xl - me too!

    Kevin - I now need to see your decor

    Louciao - You're right - just not kicking my chair habit am I?

    Met Mum - pretty cool huh?


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